Who is this guy?

What was, was. What is, is. I’m the best version of myself. While continuing to grow. Watch out, ‘CAUSE HERE WE GO!

The time has come to update everyone. I spent quite a lot of time writing about my trials and tribulations to success. More so, becoming the best version of myself. One year ago, I started that journey in Huntsville. So where are we now?

Taking a moment to reflect and be grateful for the experience is mandatory and a part of my routine. How could it not be. I left everyone I knew, everything I knew. It was a monumental decision. One of the hardest decisions of my life, but it was something I was meant to do. I had too.

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Waking up early, putting on my shorts (rain or shine) and then hoping on my bike to take the trip to Deerhurst; a mere 7 km away. Then there were the days where I had to run in. This was my life, this was how I began my transformation. It was the best investment I’ve ever made. It was an investment in myself.

From some of my earlier blogs you’d know that I was at the lowest point in my life. I didn’t know what my purpose was, why I’m here and who I was? I made some poor choices and ultimately put myself into a downward spiral. It was a dark, dark place. There were loved ones who I pushed far, far away. There were points when I didn’t think there was a reason to continue.

However, something deep down kept telling me…there’s more!

Those’s words had a profound affect on me. I knew that if I wanted change…I had to change.

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What Did I Do at the Resort

Working in about 10 different positions, anything from Golf Pro Shop to Bartender, Rec Team to Corporate Team Building; I did it all. When the horizon of my departure was approaching, I interviewed for a job there. Thinking I’d be a slam-dunk, I thought, well I guess I’m here to stay.

Sadly Mistaken

I didn’t get the job. That being said, the universe has a funny way of telling you that this isn’t for you. There’s more.

I made the trip southbound on Hwy. 11, then to Hwy. 400 and then home to Toronto.

I was a new person. With an incredibly clear mind, a fit body (I f****** worked for it, I love it), a new mental attitude and a new found perspective on life. How could anyone stop me now?

Taking time between Deerhurst and what I’m doing now, was a very introspective time. I had to dive deep down and understand what I loved, where I bring value and where I can accelerate. I spent 8 months running to work, I have some f’n momentum.

People don’t really understand true sacrifice until it’s made. It’s easy to ride the escalator; try the stairs. Once you get to the top, you’ll always appreciate the things you had to work hard for.

So, What Do I DO?

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Well ladies and gentleman, I’m now an Agent at the National Speakers Bureau. I represent the best and brightest in the world. I sell motivation, inspiration and ‘aha‘ moments. I sell IDEAS.

This whole blog was a means to stay connected with my friends, but more so I’ve realized it’s a means to inspire and motivate. I hope I’ve even given you a couple ‘aha‘ moments too.

This is what I’m meant to do. 

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I did it!

I went north to change, to truly increase my range. With what I now know, I will continue to grow.

Dream it, imagine it, believe it. Write it down, make a plan, put WORK behind. Without work, it is merely a dream. With calculated work, it becomes reality.

Now go out there, change your life. This is the motivational speech that got me through SO much. It inspired me to change. So go out and do it NOW.

Dan out.



One thought on “Growth 101: Then & Now

  1. Thanks for sharing this Dan. You were such an awesome, positive influence at Deerhurst and always met me with a big, friendly smile. You remembered everyone’s names and I know you worked hard to make it look easy. I believe that whatever you do, wherever you go, you will succeed and change lives for the better along the way. Safe journeys Dan!

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