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Ladies and gents, I’m back baby. That’s right, I’m back from Muskoka. I’ve ventured south back to the city I call home. (For those saying that I’m in Markham, well yes I am.) Anywho, it was eight months in a self-imposed paradise. When I made the journey north, I was a shell of the person here today. I find myself continually talking about how it changed my life, but fuck, it did. I’m not here to sugar coat things, if you want change…fucking change something in your daily life.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Tony Robbins has a phrase specific to this fact. Burn your fucking boats. He talks about the ultimate human resources, which are our emotional states. Passion, love, honesty, sincerity, happiness. You can do anything with emotional intent behind it. Be resourceful, be what you need, commit yourself to it. Put your fucking intent behind it. I’ll tell you why after you watch this. (It’s a minute long…come on, if not, I don’t give a shit)


When I say burn your boats, it means putting yourself in a situation where you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to succeed. I was flabby and sad when I went north, not to mention severely depressed with no confidence.

So how do I turn this around?

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Well I wasn’t moving much, I was slow, not very active. The fact I was out of shape,  which I hadn’t dealt with before, was a HUGE factor for my lack of self confidence. Even a flight of stairs would often translate to perspiration. Yes, one set of stairs had me breathing deeply. Shitty, just a real shitty feeling. I didn’t want that feeling. It was shitty.

So, what does this mean then. I need to put myself in a situation where I forced to either succeed or fail. NO OTHER OPTIONS. Initially I was living 8km’s from Deerhurst, so I didn’t have a car and I HAD to get to work, so a bike it’ll be. Which nearly killed me on my first trip in, but I had no choice…I had to take it. I was forced to be active.

Along with the biking, I remember one night I decided to leave my bike at the resort and take a car ride home. WELL, the next morning, I had to run into work. That’s right, run. I had so much doubt in my mind, but my intent was to run into work and not stop once.

Did I think I could do it, NOPE. I was already doubting myself before I took the first step. However, the fact that I burned my boats meant that I had only one choice.

Wake up extra early and hit the fucking road, heel-toe, heel-toe. I had my end goal in mind, it was clear. Just keep going, fight through it and go. There was pain, there was discomfort…but from that, what did I get in return? Well the confidence that I CAN do it. It’s god damn great feeling.

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I use this means (blog) as a way to reflect upon the journey that is my life thus far. It’s been a parabolic range of emotions, from the pinnacle to the base and back again. What remains true was my intent to change my life and the person I was. The fundamental change for me was the physical one. I went north at 180lbs, I returned cut at 166lbs. More importantly, the self-assurance that I harboured was a revelation. I can do whatever I want, live how I want and more importantly I control what my life will be.

Lets recap, shall we.

Wasn’t happy with who I’d become…wanted to change that. Moved north, removed distractions from my life. Regained focus through hard work and perseverance. Burned my boats, only choice was to succeed. Accomplished what I set out for. Feels fucking great.

So cut your bullshit excuses and your ‘reasons‘ why you can’t, the world owes you nothing; you owe it to yourself to make the change. When you feel like you don’t have the energy, dig deep because it’s in those moments where success is determined. When you think you can’t….well here’s some fun news….you CAN!!! Let’s repeat, you fucking CAN!!!

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So set that fear on fire, burn those fucking boats and do what you love. Life’s too short to not commit to something that is personally, physically and spiritually fulfilling. Don’t let your dreams stay in your head, make them YOUR reality.

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In terms of ‘What The F*** is Next’ for me, well lets find out. I want to travel, see world and its people. How I do so, well that’s the fun part, I don’t know…but I’ll be damned if I don’t do it. Until next time.

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2 thoughts on “Growth 101: What the f*** is next?

  1. Hi Dan, you were a delight at Deerhurst this summer – always so upbeat and positive. You remembered all of our names and treated everyone so well. Good luck in your journey – you are awesome! Hugs, Linda


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